Naturally dyed yarns from the Berlin/Brandenburg region

Locally produced yarn from the Havelland region in Brandenburg:

A sport-weight yarn (320m per 100g) suitable for many projects, from hats and scarfs to clothing.

A merino wool yarn from a region called Havelland to the west of Berlin in the state of Brandenburg. For its production it had to travel relatively little. As there are no scouring facilities in Germany which work on a big scale, the wool had to travel to Poland for scouring. Apart from this it was spun and dyed in Brandenburg (except for the colours BARUTH Blue and GRANSEE Grey, which were naturally dyed at a dyeing company in Austria). The result is a 2-ply woollen spun yarn, which is wonderfully light and suitable for a variety of projects. You can find the yarn here.

Tulliver Yarn Kit:


Fingerless mitts by German designer Simone Bechtold @themidnightarchitect

                             Photos: Sebastian Worm

made with Tulliver Blueface/Masham DK


A wonderful project for this autumn and winter or a great present. The kit consists of yarn and pattern. You can choose any colour of Blueface/Masham DK currently available  in the yarn shop. For more information on Simone Bechtold, please visit her Ravelry page. For the kit go here.